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Same location since 1945

      When we opened in 1945, a soda cost you 5 cents and you could get 5 gallons of gas for $1.  We did deals with a handshake.  A lot has changed since then, but some things haven’t.  You get a fair deal, a quality vehicle and we stand by our reputation.  We sell lots of cars and trucks…4 wheel drives, pick-ups, SUV’s, light duty dump trucks.  We have plenty of cars and trucks for you to see, too.   So come visit…you’ll get a handshake that still means something but we’ll probably have to sign some papers, too.

      Our company has had a unique beginning.  Jacob Feussner, Roy’s father, was a steam shovel operator, farmer, and an auto mechanic, who along with his three sons, Roy, George, and Jacob Jr., began fixing cars and also selling used cars.  Upon returning from World War II, Roy (who was in the Army Air Force) and two of his brothers, George and Jacob Jr. (who were in the Navy) joined the family business doing mechanical work and also selling used cars.  But a happy chance brought them into new car sales.   Roy made a friend of Bully Graver of Lehighton.  Graver was a Hudson dealer from whom Roy bought used cars.  One day Mr. Graver suggested to Roy that he take a new Hudson to see if he could sell it.  Roy sold the car in short order and went back to Mr. Graver for another.  After selling many new Hudsons, Mr. Graver helped  Roy  to get the franchise to sell new Hudson cars.   Roy was a Hudson dealer from 1949 to 1954.  In 1954 Roy became a Ford dealer and has been a Ford dealer for more than 50 years. 


     In 1954, when the Feussners were awarded the Ford Dealership, a new assistant district manager from Chester, PA came to Freeland to sign their dealership agreement.  That assistant manager went on to become President of Ford Motor Company and later President of Chrysler Corporation – Lee Iacocca.


     Many years later, Roy won a trip from Ford to Hawaii.  He entered the lobby of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel where he saw Lee Iacocca coming in. Roy walked over to Mr. Iacocca and putting out his right hand said, I’ll bet you don’t remember me.”  Iacocca said, “Yes, I do, Feussner.  How are things in Freeland?”


     Roy has/had 14 brothers and sisters.  No stranger to hard work as a youth, Roy lived and worked on the family farm with his brothers and sisters, and also worked on his father’s coal trucks delivering coal from a breaker to peoples’ homes.


     After the death of Roy’s father, Jacob Sr. in 1956, the brothers operated the dealership together.  Roy’s oldest brother, Jacob Jr., after being invited by Ford went to Berwick to operate the Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealership there.  The other brother George died in 1973 at the age of 49.  George had suffered severe injuries in World War II.


     Roy is now joined by sons, Gregory and Ronald, in the operation of the successful prize winning dealership.  Over the years the dealership has won many awards for sales and excellence of service; but the most impressive award was bestowed by Henry Ford II in 1971 for its high customer satisfaction rating.  Roy doesn’t know of any other dealership that has received this award. 


     During the life of the business, Roy and his sons have been involved in the community in Freeland.  Roy has been a member of the Freeland Chamber of Commerce since the dealership opened.  He has also served on the Freeland Industrial Development Corporation Board, is a past master of the Arbutus Masonic Lodge # 611, Valley of Bloomsburg consistory and the Irem Temple Shriners of Dallas.  He is also a member of the local VFW and American Legion.


     Ron is a life-long member of the Freeland Area Jaycees, which later became Freeland Area Service team, and the Freeland-Northside Ambulance Association. 


     Please come to visit us at our Dealership.  We will do everything in our power to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with our Feussners Ford family.